Wish you were here

Holidays and short breaks away are a relatively recent phenomenon for the average person that is. But not so centuries ago. People generally rose with the sun and stopped work at dusk. And Sunday was typically the only day of rest (save for a few public holidays). Pastoral and rural life was what the majority of the population knew until the enclosure of common land and the onslaught of the Industrial Revolution (towards the end of the 18th century).

Most people worked the land as tenant farmers, or were attached to a manor. Citizens lived hand in hand with nature and knew how to raise, grow and harvest their own food. Despite many hardships, perhaps life was simpler and more pleasant then.

Country cottages and houses were the most common kind of accommodation. There were no huge sky-scrapers or massive sprawling estates. Neighbours were rarely ever too close for comfort. Yes, there were towns and cities, but far fewer than today. Most families were based in the vast and rural expanses.

People perhaps today feel the overwhelming need to reconnect with those times long past and seek out a less complicated and more relaxing way of living. It can perhaps be an overriding magnetic draw to be immersed in the quiet places and vast mountain wildernesses that Britain still has very much in abundance.

If the Visitors' Book for our holiday let is anything to go back, holidaying at home and exploring the British countryside would certainly seem to be back in fashion.

With a season that was almost always fully booked, people resoundingly enjoyed the magnificent setting and scenery here at Glyn-yr-aur and were in many instances on their second or third visit.

Most promised to return again, and were pleased to have the opportunity to enjoy not just the exceptional views, but also the wealth of activities, cafes, inns and attractions.

Chris, Tracy and family from Hertfordshire said they felt this area was absolutely amazing. They wrote: "Buzzards, bats and deer. Strawberries, raspberries, white currants, beans, peas, tomatoes, plums and apples. Sea, mountains, scenery, great walks and bike trails, waterfalls and much, much more.

"Almost a year has passed since we were last here, which is far too long a gap to be in such a beautiful place. Would love to come again soon."

Perry, Andy, Adam and Lucy from Suffolk also said they thoroughly enjoyed their stay.

They went on: "We particularly enjoyed going on the Snowdon Mountain Railway and visiting the beach at Barmouth."

Sarah, Graham and Holly who stayed for five days in June said they loved the views and were sure to make a return visit.

They wrote: "Had a fantastic and relaxing five days here walking, biking and researching our family tree. Love the views, the sheep and the friendly stonechat that sits on the wall. Will come again."

And perhaps the last words should go to Warren, Brandon and Adam who stayed way back at the beginning of 2008.

As keen mountain-bikers, they were drawn to the myriad tracks and trails that have been recently upgraded within the Coed-y-Brenin forest park.

They said: "Great weekend, fantastic riding between the rain showers. Trails just keep on getting better. Accommodation as good as ever. Thanks for creating such a lovely place."

For more details about booking a break away in 2010, please contact us, either Bob or Jane Chilton on 01341 440611 or by e-mail at onygena@onetel.com We very much look forward to welcoming you soon.