Rhaeadr Ddu---The Black Falls,Ganllwyd, Dolgellau

The impressive Rhaeadr Ddu waterfalls where King Arthur was said to have done battle with the then King of Gwynedd Maelgwn in 537 (see King Arthur, The truth behind the legend by Rodney Castleden). Later stories in the Middle Ages meddled with the original figures and turned Maelgwn into his nephew Mordred. More magical and mythical elements were also added to embellish the tales that are better known today.

Near the falls in Ganllwyd, off the A470 Roman Road, author Rodney Castleden says Arthur was ambushed and a great massacre occurred Accounts say there was a 'cadgamlan', an utter rout in Welsh. The River Gamlan flows down in to the falls from Cwm Camlan. The possibility that this could indeed by the famed battleground should perhaps not be dismissed out of hand. Glyn-yr-aur is within easy reach of this site, which can help reacquaint people with a more accurate account and history of Arthur's life.

Follow the slideshow of a walk to the falls.
Park in the village of Ganllwyd and start at the now restored and only survivng example (outside of Africa) British Mission Hut. Just walk upstream to the falls and downstream to return!