The legend of King Arthur is perhaps as old as the mists of time. It is one of those enduring myths that many believe has its roots in historical fact. No-one can actually verify the truth of the tale of Arthur, his Queen Guinivere and his Knights of the Round Table. But what is known is that Arthur first emerged in the fables and ancient Celtic folklore of Wales.

Having roots in the acclaimed Mabinogion series of Welsh fairy tales, Arthur emerges as a bear-like figure and a leader. Indeed Arthur may have been more than one person and a name given to warriors and warlords of the time.

Historians often see him as one of the last of the true Britons who made many a courageous stand against the invading Germanic tribes of the Angles and Saxons in the fifth century AD.

Experts and writers have also debated the site of his legendary citadel Camelot for as long as stories about Arthur have prevailed. It has been supposedly sited at Tintagel in Cornwall, Carleon in South Wales, Cader Idris near Dolgellau or near Wroxeter, an ancient Roman fort of some standing in the heart of Shropshire (then part of Wales).

What can be said of Arthur is that successive invading nations, particularly the Normans made the tale of King Arthur their very own and troubadours and bards added many of the facts that we know today about the supposed ancient king.

Within the vicinity of Glyn-yr-Aur is the supposed last battle ground of Arthur, Camlan where he fought to his death against the forces of his nephew Mordred.

Some legends claim that Arthur did not actually die on this battleground, but walked into the hillside to merely slumber in a secret cave. It is foretold that he will rise again with his armies when Britain is in great peril and help her battle against her most deadly of foes. (He's obviously been very heavily sedated …)

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