WELCOME TO GLYN  YR AUR  (Valley of Gold)


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Heating System/Hot Water











A fire blanket is located in the right hand cupboard above the cooker.

A fire extinguisher is located on the floor to the left of the kitchen units.

A first aid kit is located in the top left kitchen cupboard.

There is a heat alarm on the kitchen ceiling. If you don’t use the hob extract fan you may set it off.  There is also a smoke alarm on the lounge ceiling.


Heating System/Hot Water

In the nearest shower room in the middle cupboard on the right is the heating controller.

Both heating and hot water sliders should be set to continuous.

(The electric immersion heater switch should always be off).

The room thermostat (on the wall outside the shower room) should be set to 21 or higher for thermophiles. We recommend you control the individual room temperatures using the thermostatic valves on each radiator.

Typically start with a setting of III on the radiators.

The hot water is a little slow coming out of the kitchen hot tap.  We apologise for this and are currently investigating how to fix it and still comply with current building regs.



Sanitary towels etc must be placed in the bins provided.

Bleach or disinfectants must not be used in the toilets or sinks as they risk damaging an organic sewage system which has worked flawlessly for 35 years.



Place in sealed/tied bin bags in bikestore or drop it off at the collection point which is on the road from the Tea Garden to the Tyn-y-Groes.

Bottles and cans should be placed in recycling boxes  in the bikestore.

Under the sink is a bin for organic waste.


Washing Machine

The fused illuminated red switch above the worktop over the washing machine should be switched on and then the washing machine is operated with its own controls.

Instruction manual is in the cupboard drawer to the right of the cooker.

If you need any help with the controls ask Jane

There is an extendable washing line fitted to the back of the bikestore which hooks onto the back wall of Glyn-yr-Aur.

There is a folding clothes airer stored in the top cuboard of the shower room.



The fused illuminated red switch above the worktop over the fridge should always be left on.



Hopefully operation of the gas hob is straightforward.

The oven is electric and the fused illuminated red switch above the worktop to the right of the cooker must be on.

Instruction manual is in the cupboard drawer to the right of the cooker.

If you need any help with the controls ask Jane

The hob extract fan is operated by pulling it forward and using the fan speed controls underneath.

Resetting the timer. (For example after a power cut)  the display should be zero and flashing. If not switch off at the fused supply behind the microwave then back on again. Press the button with the clock hands on it and turn the knob next to it until the correct time is displayed.


Shower room extract fans.

Normally these are on when the lights are switched on and cut off 15 minutes after the lights are switched off.  In case of annoyance they can be disabled with the switches above the doorway (Use a broom handle to opearte!)





Set and box should be plugged in to the wall sockets.

Press the red power button on the Fortrec controller (it will change from a clock display to a channel number and the red light will go out).

Press the P- button on the Philips TV controller and wait.

If you accidentally press the buttons more than once you will then need to

use the P+/P- buttons on the Philips controller to select E1  (AV for video)

Press OK on the Fortrec controller to get the channel list.

Select the channel and press OK for full screen.


If the TV doesn’t appear to work check that the scart lead and aerial are plugged in correctly.

Check that it is not set up for the Playstation.

Check that it is switched on at the wall!





The telephone is provided for your convenience but calls must be paid for. Have a guess at the cost and put some coins in the tin.

No premium rate calls or chat lines or international calls please.


Useful numbers 

Glyn-yr-Aur                01341 440295

The owners Bob and Jane     440611

Doctor                                     422341

Hospital- Dolgellau                422479

Tyn-y-Groes                          440275

George III                               422525

Frankies chip shop                 423918

Fronolau                                  422361


Mobile phones do not yet work at Glyn-yr-Aur.


Reception is possible at  Ganllwyd and the Tea Garden (T Mobile and Vodaphone).


Computer Rules

Please respect the computer and other users. In general you should not: -

Download or install software on this computer.

Change settings.

Delete files other than those you have downloaded or created yourself.

Leave any explicit or adult material on the computer.


You may

Send and receive emails using your internet providers webmail service

Browse the internet

Download any files (other than those excluded in the rules above).

Upload files.

In most cases you should save or download files to one of the Guest folders

(under my documents).  When you leave you can copy to CD and empty your folder.

Download music mp3’s.

Play music through iTunes.

Play internet streaming radio through iTunes

Send and receive emails using the address guest@glyn-yr-aur.com which is set up in Outlook Express.

Use iplayer and similar services.



Any guest emails or information in guest folders left on this computer will be erased before the next guests move in.

e.mails received after you have left will be forwarded if we know your address.


General Computer Information

The broadband is usually on but may be disconnected durng storms.



The nearest shops are in Dolgellau 10 miles away.

Where possible you should bring adequate supplies of food and drink with you. In emergencies the owners Bob and Jane don’t mind lending items if they have them.


Nearest Supermarkets…Eurospar and Pioneer (Coop) in Dolgellau


Chip Shop

Cosy Chip Shop


Meyrick Street, Dolgellau, Gwynedd County LL40 1LN



Public Houses


Ty’n-y-Groes       (6.3 miles)


Your nearest public house is the Ty’n y Groes  Hotel at Ganllwyd  (6.3 miles).

Click for details à  www.tynygroes.com      01341 440275


Directions by Car.

Leave Glyn-yr-Aur following  the  tarmac road .

After 2 miles take the first tarmac road on the right by Christine and Grahams tea garden. (Ignore ALL forestry roads).

Immediately pass through two gates then proceed another 2 miles down through the forest to a T junction.

Turn right at the T junction and follow the winding road through the forest for another mile to the main A470 road.

Turn left and the Tyn-y-Groes is 400 metres down on the right hand side.

Directions on foot

Take any of the footpaths down to the river and follow the river downstream for 4 miles until you reach a cattle grid. Cross the cattle grid go through a gate on the left and the path rises 150 metres up to the pub. You will need a volunteer to ta\ke the car to the pub to get you back!

Directions by Mountain Bike

Too numerous to mention…..ask Bob…if he’s not too busy he will get his bike out and guide you.


 In summer Bar is open 12.00 till 23.00 every night (Sunday 22.30).

 and restaurant meals are served every  evening and roast dinners from 12.00 till 14.00 on Sundays.

In winter times are unpredictable but as I write the pub is closed: -

Monday all day,

Sunday evening,

Weekday lunchtimes except Friday

The restaurant is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday lunchtimes and all evenings except Sunday and Monday

The restaurant is open 12.00-14.00 and 6.00-9.00 Tues to Saturday.  


Highly advisable to check by phone on  01341440275 before travelling there




George III Penmaenpool   (10 miles)


The George is situated at the head of the Mawddach estuary in beautiful surroundings.

It is located 10 miles from Glyn-yr-Aur.  Children friendly.


 Click for details à     http://www.georgethethird.co.uk/


Directions by Car.

Go south on the A470 past the Ty’n-y-Groes bearing slightly left at the roundabout

In the village of Llanelltyd.

Less than half a mile later take the first right hand turn for Tywyn and after a mile and a half turn right just before the village of Penmaenpool.

After 200 yards turn left before the wooden toll bridge into the George car park.


George III

LL40 1YD
telephone: 01341 422525

fax: 01341 423565                           


Half Way House Bont Ddu  (11 miles)


About 11 miles.

Go south on the A470.

Turn right for Barmouth in the village of Llanelltyd.

Proceed 3 miles towards Barmouth and the pub is on the right in the village of Bont Ddu.


Click for details à     www.pub-explorer.com/olpg/the-halfwayhouse/bontddu/


Grapes Inn Maentwrog    (18 miles)


Superb beer and food but gets a little busy in summer. Well worth travelling but avoid the busy times.


Click for details àhttp://www.grapeshotelsnowdonia.co.uk/




Go down to the A470 and go north past Trawsfynydd and Gellilydan then down a steep hill past the large renovated chapel on the left then turn left before you cross the river. After 200 yards park on the road or in the pub car park.  Total distance 18 miles.


Fronolau       (11 miles)                    Booking advisable  422361


Excellent food in pleasant surroundings. Tends to get a little busy especially Sunday lunch times in the summer. Not the cheapest but very relaxing if you pick a quiet time.

Huge armchairs in front of an open fire.            

Proper home made calorie filled sweets…none of this modern fridge to freezer stuff.

Unfortunately by the time I have had the first two courses I never have enough room left for a sweet.



Travel south down the A470, slightly left at the roundabout in the village of Llanelltyd

Onto the dual carriageway (do not turn off yet).

Nearly half a mile after passing under the bridge turn right back towards Dolgellau.

After about 400 yards on the edge of Dolgellau take a very sharp uphill left turn.

Go up the hill for a mile till you see the Fronolau on the left.


 Unicorn        Dolgellau (10 miles)


Good beer and good very reasonably priced food  evenings only.




Travel south down the A470, slightly left at the roundabout in the village of Llanelltyd

Onto the dual carriageway (do not turn off yet).

Nearly half a mile after passing under the bridge turn right back towards Dolgellau.

As you approach the centre of Dolgellau the Unicorn is on your left.